Chi Running

I started Chi Running in 2014 after my first triathlons and qualified as a Chi Running Instructor in 2020.

I found running so hard! It gave me the tools to ‘comfortably’ run the marathon at the end of an Ironman at a steady pace.

Through Chi Running I have been able to complete a number of Ultras, with no injures or niggles, and completed a 24hour 85mile ultra with 3000m of elevation at the age of 75. The Oner, an event that generally has 50% DNF.

The Oner – Brutal Events

In addition to building up to long distance running, the technique has allowed me to sprint with ease, becoming the fastest 5k runner, nationally, in my age group at the Park Run in 2021.

Chi Running has helped thousands of runners to improve their running form – reducing and preventing injuries, while decreasing recovery time. Runners of all ages, and levels have improved their efficiency and performance, and now find their running to be pain-free, easier and more enjoyable.

Chi Running minimises the risk of injuries that are generally caused by impact and overuse. Chi Running utilises natural forces of gravity to assist propulsion and shifts the work load to the big muscles of the core rather than the smaller muscles in the legs, thus making running both relaxed and efficient which, together with a midfoot landing, makes for minimal impact.

Often runners need the slightest change in their running technique to make a huge difference. I can talk and guide but a video analysis is a useful tool for runners to see for themselves how they are currently running. And then to be given the knowledge of the effect it has on their body and how, and why, they might change an aspect. This can be done by me or if remote get someone to do it, I’d give specific requirements, and then uploaded to me.